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8 Safe Sites for Downloading Windows Software

Windows has lots of free software, and of course there are many web sites where you can download it. Best library of roms At our site the problem is that many of these freeware download internet sites claiming to be the very best, package the applications using custom builders, ad ware and crapware (, FileHippo and Softonic are big culprits). Frequently the developers of these freeware do know that their software has been bundled with all manner of other activities.

Howeverthere are still a few websites which don’t bundle crap ware with the true software. The following list are a couple safe software download sites where you don’t have to bother about bloat and other awful stuff.

1. Filepuma

Not the largest repository of computer software, but certainly one of the cleanest and most user friendly terms of not only foisting advertising or dodgy installers for you personally, Filepuma is really a wonderful alternative for your applications downloads. It has all of the main stream items you would expect — out of Skype to Google-Drive via Dropbox.

There is plenty more unique software here too, and it’s all pretty simple to find by using the categories set at the tabs that are left. The very popular applications in the respective types is listed on the main page, which is pretty much all there is to it. Mini Mal and refined, with only a slight bias towards Glarysoft utilities, Filepuma is really a great simple selection for your software downloads.


Author: serverguy